This Diploma is a pedagogical proposal that seeks to convey the experience of Christian love so it may be lived in the various educational scenarios, especially at school, taking into account the needs and trends of education and communications today, as these are renewed and changed day by day.

It is for this purpose that this curriculum was designed. In it are at work various contents and topics that cover policies, strategies and curricula, supported by the ICTs.

Duration: 120 academic

This Diploma is a proposal that embodies for you and us the opportunity to meet the man, the missionary, the preacher, the founder, in one word: St. John Eudes. This is a chance to really understand what the origins of the Eudist spirituality are, and to integrate into our lives, the thoughts and attitudes of a man who was called the Wonder of his Century.

Duration: 120 academic hours

Mode: Virtual


Renew in the participants the desire to know more about St. John Eudes and to


Cada curso o diplomado desarrolla sus contenidos con una metodología de educación a distancia mediada por las nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación, específicamente a través de un administrador de cursos en línea (LMS Moodle).   Con el uso de esta tecnología,  estudiantes de diversos países pueden interactuar y realizar un trabajo colaborativo y dialógico, construyendo comunidades de aprendizaje, utilizando  estrategias pedagógicas mediadas por las TIC: video conferencia, foros