The local superior, after consulting the incorporated and associates of his community, authorizes the start of the aspirant's formation, and helps them choose a spiritual guide from the incorporated Eudists in the community.

During this period of formation, which is at least six months, the aspirant will go deeper in their Christian life, will be introduced to the Eudist spiritual experience, will come to know the apostolates of the Congregation and participate in them, and will reflect on what it means to be a Eudist associate.

Once the initial formation is complete, the aspirant makes a written request to the Provincial Superior. Therein, they must express their free and responsible choice to become associated, their motivations and aspirations, and the local community to which they will be joined. This request must also be submitted to the incorporated and associates of the local community, but its acceptance depends on the Provincial Superior.

Association is made on some date significant in the Eudist heritage. A written contract must be created, which contains the name of the associate, the local community to which they are associated, and the date on which the commitment is formalized. This contract must be signed by the local superior, the incorporated, the new associate, and the associates who attend the ceremony.

The formula of Association may be the following (or something similar): "I declare that I wish to associate myself to the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, in order to journey toward holiness in the spiritual school of St. John Eudes, sharing my life, work, and prayer with the community of ..... and committing myself to its mission with a generous heart and a firm spirit. I offer myself entirely to the Lord, so that He may live and reign in me, in such a way that by my work and service, I may glorify the Father, by the action of the Holy Spirit. I entrust myself to the protection of the Holy Virgin Mary, the intercession of St. John Eudes and of all the saints and blesseds of the Eudist Family. Amen."

This act of commitment creates spiritual, fraternal and pastoral ties between the CJM and the associate, the effects of which will be explained below.

The commitment of association is for one year. Because of this, it is revised and renewed annually, or is canceled by decision of the local superior or the associate. The cancellation or renewal are communicated to the Provincial Superior and the provincial coordinator of associates.

If, during the year, the associate does not maintain any contact with the community which accepted them and does not attend any formation meetings, this spiritual contract of association will be held as canceled. In this case, it can only be renewed through the express action of the person in question, if the local superior judges their reasoning sufficient.