St. John Eudes carried the pain of his contemporaries in his heart: the fragility of life in the countryside, plagued by economic shortages and overburdened by taxes; the drama of life for women in prostitution; the suffering and isolation of plague victims... The dedication of our founder to the poor of his time, his actions and labors, his preaching and concrete strategies, illuminate and inspire the works of mercy that should characterize the Eudists and every apostolate carried out by the CJM.

Service to the poor, socioeconomic and agricultural development, apostolates of charity, ministry to the sick, and works of mercy are all illuminated and nourished by the Word of God and the sacraments. Social action is accompanied by the explicit announce of Jesus Christ and the invitation to open oneself to the love of the Father and the action of the Holy Spirit, the only place where the power to transform the heart of man can be found.

The Eudists, acting in solidarity for one universal apostolic call, have taken on works of mercy in various parts of the world, through programs and projects that demand dedication, planning, seeking partnerships and resources. The fruit of this labor has been the creation of businesses, cooperatives, foundations, etc. legally constituted as their own respective juridic persons. Eudist priests, associates and seminarians all carry out pastoral activities that promote an environment of Christian life.

"Three things are required for mercy. The first is to have compassion for the misery of another, because being merciful means carrying in your heart the misery of the miserable. The second consists of making a firm decision to help alleviate their misery. The third is to translate that will into action." (St. John Eudes)