Candidates are those who, responding to the call of God, through the Son, with the strength and aid of the Holy Spirit, want to serve Christ and his Church, specifically in the Congregation of Jesus and Mary (CJM). The young people who are admitted to our initial process of Eudist formation begin with a time of discernment and accompaniment in a vocation group, animated by a team of Eudists. Then they are invited to the stage of “probation” to continue their vocational discernment in a more firm and committed way.

The training during probation aims to achieve maturation in the personality of the candidate, in a growing coherence between faith and life, in order to promote the full realization of their vocation in God's plan.
Some of the requirements for our candidates in probation are:

  • Adequate health;
  • A general knowledge base;
  • Undergraduate studies completed or initiated, with at least philosophy courses required for entry to theology;
  • Existence of a genuine attitude of openness to the training process;
  • Capacity to make a choice with genuine motives and a sense of responsibility;
  • Right intention;
  • right judgment and moral strength;
  • Deep desire for Christian life;
  • Ability to live in community, in a spirit of obedience and faith;
  • A calm and balanced affectivity, and appropriate development of relational capacity;
  • Sufficient experience of Christian life and apostolate;
  • Love for St. John Eudes and the Eudist mission.


Constitutions 7 and 75
After probation, which lasts at least four years, the Eudists are joined to the Congregation, usually within a province, by a promise of perpetual fidelity, called "Incorporation." This act creates, between the CJM and the incorporated, mutual rights and duties as defined by the constitution.

What is Incorporation?

Incorporation is the final entry in the Congregation for the service of the Church. It also definitively states that the candidate wants to join the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, answering the call of the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit. It confirms the Church as the choice made in their vocation to holiness in this society, through worship and praise, and within an apostolic life lived in community.

What is involved in incorporation?

Incorporation creates a mutual commitment of fidelity between the incorporated, the other Eudists, and the Congregation:

  • The incorporated commits to live and die in the Congregation, therein to serve Christ and his Church, to observe the Constitutions and to perform the tasks that will be entrusted to him;
  • Those who are already incorporated accept him as a brother and share with him the risks of their commitment, their hopes, their joys, their sorrows and their efforts;
  • The congregation commits to provide the means of sanctification to the incorporated described in the Constitutions, to dedicate him to the service of the Church and to provide for his temporal needs.

The Incorporation is, by its nature, a permanent commitment, but the superior general can dispense any incorporated with the consent of the general council. While incorporated, clerics remain incardinated to the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.


Associates are members of the Church who decide to join the Congregation of Jesus and Mary to enrich their spiritual life, their fraternal life and their mission of service.
The presence of the Associates is a grace of our time for the whole Church (cf. John Paul II, Vita Consecrata 56), and particularly for the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. The 63rd General Assembly of Quito 2001 confirmed the decision of the incorporated to give a place to Associates in the Eudist family. The General Assembly of Québec 2007 defined association to the Congregation of Jesus and Mary in paragraph 7b of the Constitutions.
Association means a communion in faith and mission; it is grounded in baptism just like incorporation (C 6).
The request for Association leads to an act of mutual commitment between the Congregation and the baptized involved. This creates spiritual commitment between the partner and the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, reciprocal rights and duties of fraternal and missionary character ativan, determined by the Constitutions.
Being an associate is a way to enter into and engage the Eudist family, and to "serve Christ and his Church” in a deeper way.