The Eudists are laborers in the field of evangelization; we work to renew the faith of the people of God. As a congregation, we also seek to ensure that the Church always has good shepherds. We collaborate according to our abilities and the requests of bishops to work in vocations, pastoral training and service to priests and other ministers.

Ultimately, Eudists seek to continue and complete in themselves the life of Jesus. Per St. John Eudes, we recognize our Congregation to be founded on:

• God's grace, with which we must be filled in order to communicate it to others.
• Divine will, striving to be like Jesus, in his earthly life of service to his Father.
• The cross of Jesus, renouncing ourselves, taking up His cross, and following our Lord.
• Finally, a deep, ardent and personal love of Jesus and Mary. It is to them that the congregation belongs, and we are their family.

Faithful to our founder, Eudists pay homage to and adore the loving Heart of Jesus, which reveals to men the love of God. Under the action of the Holy Spirit, Eudists learn from the Son to love the Father and to love each other. Eudists honor the Heart of Mary, united inseparably to the heart of Jesus and a model of this union. Following the example of St. John Eudes, Eudists want no other spirit than the spirit of Jesus, High Priest, worshiper of the Father, Savior of men, and head of the Church which is his body and of which they are members.

The congregation seeks for their members to work in apostolate. It also seeks for them to be rooted in the way of holiness which they are called to by the grace of both baptism and ordination. The congregation offers to their member a life of fraternity, lived together, nourished by the Eucharist, the Word of God and prayer. It also offers, along with all the riches of the tradition of the Church, its own heritage, especially the teaching and example of the founder and his disciples here.