John Eudes founded a congregation that is both apostolic and fraternal. He wanted his priests to be holy because their priesthood is also holy. Therefore, we do not have vows aside from those of priestly ordination and the ones acquired in baptism. In the Church today, this is known as a Society of Apostolic Life.

The Eudists, as members of a society of apostolic life seek to develop qualities that promote communitarian life and work: openness, respect for others, the ability to listen and dialogue. They live in communion with the local Church in which they work, under the direction of the bishop, exercising the ministries entrusted to them with a spirit of responsibility. They fully accept and follow guidelines from a diocesan, regional and national level. They strive to seek the good of all churches. They belong to a congregation that is present on several continents and that helps them to live the meaning of catholicity in the Church in which they work.

Their communion in one faith and one apostolic tradition manifests the power of the Spirit of Jesus that unites men. This unity is a visible sign of the birth of a new world, inaugurated by the resurrection valium, in which the fullness of the Law is Love.