Solidarity and service are characteristics of Christian life. All who follow Jesus must see these two responsibilities as something fundamental to our lives. 

To volunteer is to understand that others need me, just like I need them. It means realizing that my work does not have to be monetarily compensated: what I can give is much more valuable. To volunteer is a chance to see that no one is so rich that they do not need to receive, and no one is so poor that they have nothing to give. To volunteer is to take up the task of Jesus, to bring the good news to those who need it.

It is not possible to be Christian if we do not have the capacity to give. The Lord constantly invites us to give. He is inviting us to detachment from the things we consider important, so that we can share them with our brothers. A poor person gives out of their necessity, despite their poverty, and the Lord says that they give much more than those who give from their riches.

We all have something to give. Regardless of whether we have money, we can help by giving our time and labor in the service of evangelization and social development. We can help those who need a kind word and a helpful hand in order to build their lives.

You are invited to volunteer. You are invited to participate in building the Kingdom of God. You are a laborer of the Gospel. The invitation is to share your life, to share your time, and your gifts with those who need it the most. Your presence is very important to us, we appreciate your interest in becoming a volunteer. Please get in touch with by by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.