In addition to serving in formation and evangelization, the Eudists devote their attentions to help victims of marginalization, unemployment, natural disasters, those displaced by violence, immigrants, and vulnerable populations in general (single mothers, women in risk of prostitution, youth, children).

In certain parts of the world, we operate clothing banks to receive donations of clothes in good condition and deliver them to families with limited resources. In the same way, we have put in place, in certain locations, "godfather plans," to help finance the education of poor children.

We also operate daycares, orphanages, soup kitchens, help centers for abused and abandoned children, etc. in areas of the harshest poverty.

Through the creation of community centers, we provide social work, psychology, legal and occupational services free of charge to those who come looking for help.

Through various campaigns deployed in contexts of poverty and suffering, we develop sports activities for children and young adults in situations of poverty, as an alternative to help in their integral development, and to keep them from falling into drug addiction or delinquency. We count on valuable aid from groups of volunteers or missionaries, with whom we have been able to bring clothing and cleaning materials to people with limited resources. We have food banks which offer the basic staples to people living in misery, only asking for a symbolic payment in exchange.

We carry out other events to collect resources and enable people who have no access to a good primary, secondary or higher education.

You! reading this message: we invite you to join in the mercy of God actively at work in these labors, either through a donation or your presence as a volunteer.

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