The Eudists offer pastoral accompaniment to the sick in their homes, in clinics, and in hospitals; promoting this service among the laity as well, through parish apostolates, in accord with the planning of each diocese.

Our founder welcomed and helped care for the plague victims of his time. Continuing in his tradition, the Eudists run centers where we welcome those affected by grave or terminal illnesses; for example, the AIDS/HIV patients cared for by Fundación Eudes in Colombia.

The priests, seminarians and laity who are part of our congregation are linked to this important work of mercy, providing spiritual assistance to those suffering from illness. Along with the spiritual dimension, we also have fixed and mobile centers, providing basic medical services to those who have no money to pay for them.

Together with this labor, we also count on a group of volunteers, most of which are medical professionals, who have joined in our health days or brigades in marginalized sectors of certain countries, providing general medical attention, dental care, psychological consultations, etc. giving their valuable attentions to men and women, children, adults and the elderly who suffer.

Hopefully we will be able to achieve a wider coverage for this mercy and charity, but unfortunately our resources are tight and the necessities are growing. We need people who are generous, who want to help (and who are able to), joining us as volunteers or investing economic resources in this apostolate.

This is one of many ways to show a suffering world the face of God's merciful love.


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