Conscious of our mission within the Church and within cultures, we proclaim that "the Word of God has power to penetrate every culture, to transform the structures of society. As consequence, we proclaim the power of the Gospel in the heart of the joys and hopes, sufferings and anguish of the peoples among which we live." (Cf. Const. 27)

a) We boldly proclaim the word of salvation to those who have not yet heard it; we reach out to those who, after having heard it, have fallen away from it; and we strengthen the communities for which we are responsible, in order to form them into evangelists. (Cf. Const. 28)

b)  At the same time, we take care to open up these communities, and other groups with which we work, to the transforming action of the Holy Spirit, promoting with all our strength a growth in faith, deepening of spiritual and sacramental life, and participation in pastoral responsibilities. (Cf. Const. 28)

With a certain frequency, groups of our priests, seminarians, and laity conduct missions on a temporary or permanent basis: based in rural or urban parishes; as missionary visits to schools or universities; as days of evangelization and prayer; through our radio stations, health brigades, or educational campaigns with the help of our communities of students or professionals, our centers for health and education, etc.




Preaching and Retreats Congregation, enriched by the doctrine and witness of its founder, has seen its spiritual heritage grow through examples of holiness and apostolic life from those who, since the beginning, have committed to follow in the footsteps of St. John Eudes. (Const. 66)

The Eudists, following the path of our founder and faithful to Jesus Christ, are deeply committed to the exercise of preaching and retreats, directed by priests and laity in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Italian.

Our ranks include a considerable number of priests who preach with the power of the Spirit, who offer their services as spiritual directors, who accompany priests in difficulty, who offer the ministry of confession, and who conduct retreats for diocesan clergy, seminarians, and laity alike.

In all of the aforementioned, we humbly pray that our Lord continues to use our Congregation of Jesus and Mary as a tool to extend His reign. (Cf. Const. 67)