Under the various existing media, the CJM has an editorial committee that manages the publication policies, whose primary objective is the propagation of the intellectual, spiritual, educational and evangelizing patrimony of the Congregation through magazines, books, educational brochures and newsletters circulating on the congregational and provincial levels.

The publications have different nuances: spiritual, testimonial, historical, educational, biblical-theological, academic-university, missionary, catechetical, pastoral, etc. The publications develop various topics of interest to different groups of people. Using complete versatility of language adapted to each context, situation and experiences, these publications harmonize these topics with Eudist spirituality. We are motivated by a great purpose: to popularize the great Eudists themes, the life of the Great Eudist Family, etc.

We have in Paris a general archive which preserves the history of the CJM, and in the same way archives in each of the provinces. In Colombia, Canada, France and Venezuela we have some general libraries and others exclusively Eudist where we have systematized the experiential and intellectual history of our spirituality.




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