Dear associates of the CJM, the members of the community of Benin to whom you have entrusted your community prayer for the month of April 2021, greet you and thank you for your kind attention. First of all, let's observe a minute of silence for our late members: Thomas, Preserve, François and Justine. Think about what the faith of Saint Paul enabled him to do for the world!. Think about what the small troop of disciples chosen by Christ was able to accomplish, despite the Roman power united against them!. The power of the great benefactors of mankind came from their faith in their mission, from the certainty that they had been sent to deliver a certain message to the world, to make an important contribution to the march of civilization. Strongly, may this shared eudist prayer of April 2021 consolidate our indomitable faith in the mercy perceived by St John Eudes, resuscitate us following Jesus Christ in this year decreed that of St Joseph by the Holy Father. Amen!

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