The expression ‘states and mysteries of Jesus' remains very mysterious! What are we talking about, when we touch the most precious of the treasures of St.John Eudes' spiritual pedagogy? "Each event in the life of the Son of God is a mystery and to each mystery corresponds a state of the Incarnate Word, which finds its value in the Incarnation" (Louis Cognet). We usually use the expression “mysteries” when we pray the Rosary (with its twenty mysteries), but, in truth, their number is not limited since they are all the events lived by the Incarnate Word. Let us note that the idea of mystery does not refer to something that is hidden, but, on the contrary, to what is revealed. Regarding the “state”, "it is the interior attitude of Jesus in each of the events of his earthly or glorious life, ‘considered as an eternal reality to the extent that this life is assumed by a divine person’" (Louis Cognet).

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