The "mystery of mysteries" of our Christian life, that we know well and repeat often, is the formation of Jesus in us. The renewed and massive use of this expression of Saint John Eudes, taken from Saint Paul's letter to the Galatians (4: 19), is preceded by his personal experience as a loving disciple of Jesus. John Eudes lives another expression of the same letter to the Galatians: “yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me;” (2: 20), the most cited verse in all his works. This is because he had the experience of the interior life of Christ in him, that Saint John Eudes, like Saint Paul, wants his readers and listeners to have; the same experience of welcoming in themselves the life, sentiments, dispositions, and the spirit of Jesus. He is animated by a great desire: to know Jesus, to give everything to Jesus, to live only for Him and in Him. This will lead him to wish that the Heart of Jesus be his heart, or even more, he discovers an incredible gift: Jesus lives in him His immense love, He has given him His Heart! Incredible gift that goes beyond what you can imagine! John Eudes is passionate about Christ and wants everyone he meets to be passionate as well. And, it is worth being men and women passionate about Christ!

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