Theme: Forming Jesus in through spiritual consolations

Scripture Reading:

“My child, when you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials. Be sincere of heart and steadfast, and do not be impetuous in time of adversity. Cling to him, do not leave him, that you may prosper in your last days. Accept whatever happens to you; in periods of humiliation be patient. For in fire gold is tested, and the chosen, in the crucible of humiliation. Trust in God, and he will help you; make your ways straight and hope in him.” Sir 2: 1-6

Objective: To identify through the virtue of charity how to form Jesus.

Eudist Reading: The Admirable Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God (O.C. V, 174-175)

Ah! For a voice to resound to the ends of the universe, that all Christians might hear, especially those bound by the chains of sin or suffering some temporal pain or affliction. For I would thus address them: My very dear brothers and sisters, I am aware that these sweet and charming words of our good Mother do not appeal to you, and that you have no desire to return to her as you are at present. But why do you wait? Why hesitate to come? Come promptly and cast yourselves at her feet, for never has she rejected any one, and she will not begin with you. It is your Mother all powerful in heaven and earth. It is your Mother, who holds in her hands all the treasures of her Son, Jesus Christ. It is your Mother, all heart and all love for you, whose bounty takes a singular contentment in aiding those who invoke her humbly and with filial confidence. Come, she will receive you and treat you as her chil-dren; she will obtain for you pardon of your sins no matter how great their enormity, provided you detest them and with your whole will renounce them. She will enlighten your darkness, sustain your feeble-ness, fortify you in temptation, console you in your af-flictions. She will make you eat at her own table, re-freshing you with her own flesh and blood; “for,” says St. Augustine, “the flesh of Jesus is the flesh of Mary.” And we may add that the blood of Jesus is the blood of Mary. Thus she here says: They that eat me shall yet hunger and they that drink me shall yet thirst (Sir 24: 21). Finally, she will deliver you from all evils and fill you with every blessing. “He that harken to me shall not be confounded and they that work by me shall not sin. And they that explain me shall have life everlasting.”

Final Prayer: “Oh Jesus, it is enough for me, merely to know that You are ever Jesus! Oh Jesus, be Jesus forever, and I will always be happy, no matter what happens to me!” (O.C. I, 282)

Take action: The month of September began, for the spiritual family of St. John Eudes, with the memorial of the Blessed Eudist Martyrs. This celebration makes us think of the earthly life of the Son of God, divided into two con-trasting states: one of consolation and joy and the oth-er of affliction and suffering. In the upper part of his soul, He enjoyed all the divine happiness, in the lower part of his soul and in his body, He knew all kinds of bitterness and pain (cf. O.C. I, 276). We, as continuers and imitators of the life of Jesus, glorify God in all his states and mysteries, making them ours. Mary also helps us to understand that, in these times that we live in, fidelity to the Lord still re-mains at the foot of the cross. The martyrs united themselves to the affliction and suffering of Jesus with the generous gift of their lives and thus managed to overcome death with new life. Our life too “finds all its value when we give it out of love in the name of the Lord, in the name of the Church, which is the Body of Christ, in the name of the human family whom the Fa-ther wants to gather. Therefore, in this most difficult time of the pandemic, let us be faithful witnesses, ask-ing for the strength that inhabited our martyred brothers, in renouncing ourselves and placing our-selves in the hands of the Lord” (Words of the Superior General on the occasion of the memorial of the Blessed Eudist Martyrs, September 2, 2020, published at September also gives us the op-portunity to contemplate the life of Jesus through the reading of the Word of God. May a day never go by without reading the Gospel!

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