Committed to form and accompany priests and other laborers of the Gospel, we conduct this sensitive task by forming future priests and those already ordained.

We dedicate part of our personnel to work in seminaries, either in the direction and administration of diocesan seminaries, in shared direction of a seminary with other diocesan priests, or in external collaboration.

This sensitive mission, which St. John Eudes called the "exercise of seminaries" and for which we were founded, drives us to constantly develop this dimension of our charism. Our fundamental desire is to share priestly experience and testimony, academic knowledge, spiritual accompaniment, and pastoral motivation with all those who are being prepared for the priesthood, or who are already exercising their ministry in a parish community.

This task of priestly formation is also carried out in our formation houses, with our own seminarians, but with the goal that they would be, in the future, the next directors or collaborators in a formation house. Here, the emphasis is to prepare them to be shepherds of the shepherds, teachers of the teachers, and leaders of the leaders of communities.