Holiness: To live as Jesus did

Sem. Resty Manansala Castillo

The eudist library of the General House changed. It is situated on the 1st floor of the house and all those who know via dei Querceti can understand that it is a room in garden level. It benefits from two wide windows which make it a room very pleasantly enlightened for the readers.


On Sunday, October 8th, 6 eudist priests (Fr. Guillermo Acero, Fr. Jose Mario Bacci, Fr. Gerson Mora, Fr. Hyacinthe Allagbe, Fr. Amado Perez Nassi and Fr. Jader Igirio Tesillo) and Aude Bauguin left Rome early to join Sperone, a town in 40 km to Naples.

From 23 to 28 October took place International meeting of eudist trainers in Bogota. This meeting had been announced in the 3 last ones CJM News whom you received.

It is in a really brotherly atmosphere that every Tuesday evening the group of prayer in connection with the General House meets at about 6 pm. Each, neighbors, arrives smiling, quickly taking news of some and others. P. Gerson listens to what is expressed then quickly we begin with the prayer of the group: