Durant ces 15 derniers jours, la Maison Générale a été heureuse d’accueillir :
En estos últimos 15 días, los miembros de la Casa General estuvieron felices por recibir a:
These last 15 days, eudists of the General House were very happy to receive:

These last 14th and 16th of november, there was an atmosphere of joy in General House because eudist Fathers were preparing the celebrations of birth and baptism of saint John Eudes. For the occasion, every priests, members of the college, were present for the mass.

On this 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, which happens to be November 19th, the Essonne-Nord group (Province France) proposes to link the Gospel of the day with the spirituality of Saint John Eudes:

Omelia eudisti

33ª Domenica del tempo ordinario, anno A

The Eudist Fathers of the Philippines received good news. Fr. Cirio (Serg) Kabamalan, CJM was appointed as local superior of the Philippine community. His term started with his installation on the last November 10, 2017 with a three year term.