Sem. Ian Granada

This Sunday we officially begin the Advent Season. The word Advent comes from the Latin word advinere, arrival. Advent calls us to remember the first Christmas and at the same time also keep in mind Christ's Second Coming. For two thousand years and counting, Christians all over the world have kept watch for the second coming of Christ. In every Holy Eucharist that we are present, the mystery of Faith keep reminding us; Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again. Truly, the Lord Jesus will come again!

The second coming of Christ is certain. This is because Jesus said so and we trust in his word. The world and all it contains will pass. Christians as we are, children of the light, hold one hope. It is born out of Faith to the one who came to save us in the cross. The same person who resurrected from the dead and rose again after three days. He ascended into heaven and left us a sure companion in our waiting for his second coming. He said he will not leave us orphans (Jn 14,18) and will send the Holy Spirit (Jn. 16, 7-15) to bear witness to him.

As we carry this hope in our hearts this Advent Season, may it remind us always to be bearers of good news; bearers of Jesus. In this time of the year, we are also experiencing a natural phenomena; the nights are longer and the days are shorter. As the imagery of night bids darkness and even confusion, our watchfulness will be one of active anticipation. We do not belong to darkness but to light; and Christ is that one light we always anticipate to welcome.

St. John Eudes always remind us, our lives as Christians is but a continuation of that life Jesus had. We do not just remember a memory of the past, but an active participation of the same mysteries and states Jesus lived.

As we prepare this Advent Season, may we always set our hearts on Jesus and form him in our hearts by actively seeking what would Jesus do in our lives every day, hour, and moment. Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to grant us the grace to let the Will of God live and reign in our hearts. Come Lord Jesus!


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