The Apostolic Mission Eudist

We, the "Eudists," are heirs to a specific spirituality and were founded with a particular charism. We work in "apostolic communities," as a group of Eudists living and serving together on various pastoral fronts. This way of working was initiated by St. John Eudes, our founder, and it has been continued by many brothers through the years.
Every apostolate in particular is called to be a school of sanctity, where men and women can see and feel an inexhaustible burning desire for evangelization, education, human development, spiritual renewal, charity and mercy. Our slogan is clear and precise: "together for the mission," and applies in the various ecclesial scenarios, as well as the social and cultural fields.

Our practical areas of mission are:

  1. The training of leaders in the church and community through our service in diocesan seminaries, houses of formation for our young Eudists, schools and training for lay people, the education and specialization of our priests, research and production of pastoral knowledge, preaching, the participation in massive events of evangelization, lectures and conferences to specific groups, and retreats for spiritual growth.
  2. Evangelization, as proclamation of the Gospel in the lives and contexts of the people, in parishes, in our support centers for spiritual growth, in pastoral work, and in the mass media.
  3. Works of mercy reflected in social work, care for the poor, orphans, the sick, the marginalized and homeless, and social development.
  4. The mass media, our radio stations, television programs, print publications, using the internet and social networks.
  5. Education with an emphasis on social development through our schools, colleges, universities, and online education programs.
  6. The Eudist spirituality is a valuable asset, and is the label that identifies us, setting us apart from other communities in the Church and in society. It defines us as servants of the Gospel and trainers of pastors and leaders. We are men and women of faith who, under the guidance of the Church, promote Christian life as a particular style of being a person and a particular way of working, which transforms and changes people and communities.
  7. Guidance of young men who are seeking vocational discernment in their lives. Through this process, we help in the renewal of the Church and of society. We offer vocational guidance through lectures, conferences, meetings, camps, retreats, family visits. We also use the web and the social networking such as Facebook to offer online vocational discernment.

Also united with us in this work are lay people called Eudist Associates, as well as other friends helping to proclaim the Gospel in specific situations, to fulfill very particular needs in our mission.

  • Africa

Since 1958, the Eudists have been present in Africa. They now have communities in Ivory Coast, Benin, Kenya, Burkina Faso and they will soon begin in Togo.  30 young men are preparing to live together for the mission with the Eudists in: centers of spirituality, a university center, parishes, propaedeutic seminaries, a clinic, an orphanage etc.