The Congregation of Jesus and Mary (CJM), actively involved in the mission of the Church (Cf. Const. 7 & 10), has always been committed to the mission of announcing Jesus Christ. We have dedicated ourselves, with care and audacity, to preach the Gospel (Cf. Const. 2) and have put ourselves at the service of communication for the Kingdom, delivering the message of Hope in God (Cf. Const. 13 & 27).

For this reason, the Eudists have always endeavored, during the different stages of our history, to proclaim the living Christ, keeping ourselves up to date in communications technology, and making use of the possibilities available in each era: conventional mail, telegram, fixed telephones, radio, television, mobile phones, the internet, print media, etc. These are some of the media with which we have developed the mission we have continued since St. John Eudes founded our community: to make Jesus live and reign in the heart of man" (Cf. Const. 12).

The Eudists, with an incarnated involvement in our geopolitical, communications and technological contexts, have invested resources and qualified manpower in these fields to announce the Gospel, the life of Christ, ways to follow Him, fraternal unity, human formation and development; through the various communications media at our disposal. Salvation in Jesus Christ has reached many people on diverse cultural horizons through personal and communal testimony, spiritual programming, our lyrics, voices, radio waves, messages, images, web presence, etc.

At the present time, our operations include a set of TV and radio channels at the service of sharing the Gospel and our spirituality; a congregational web portal, connecting websites and blogs from the various provinces, regions, apostolates and communities; institutional communications, publications, as well as personal apostolates in radio and television, etc.