The mission of the Congregation in the heart of the Church is to collaborate in the work of evangelization and the formation of good laborers for the Gospel. (Const. 10)

The Congregation desires that in conducting their apostolate, its members grow closer to the sanctity to which they are called by the grace of their baptism and their ordination. (Const. 6)

For this reason, faithful to the Magisterium of the Church and in total harmony with the directives for formation given by each Episcopal Conference and each diocese, we offer our services to form the future pastors and leaders of communities, those who have been granted the grace to be shepherds, spiritual fathers, and administrators of their ecclesiastical communities. 

As well, we assist in the formation of the laity, who are also good laborers for the Gospel, so that, committed to their diocese and parish, they can lead processes of evangelization, formation, and social transformation.

Our only desire is to help our Church be composed of men and women who are truly Christian, genuinely spiritual, have a profound faith, and are witnesses of the Gospel in the world; people who are happy, confirmed in their vocation, capable of building and strengthening Christian relationships with others, founded in sound doctrine, effective preachers of the gospel, lovers of the Eucharist, with a deep love for the Blessed Mother, and competent in pastoral action. In short, disciples of Christ for our time, in all its cultural diversity.