The Eudists, in our desire to serve Christ and His Church, and in our endeavor to diversify our charism, we have opted to share this spiritual experience with the people through educational processes. The educational system we have created is inspired by the Gospel, Eudist spirituality, the Magisterium of the Church, and from a broader perspective, a frank and constructive dialogue with the sciences.

In taking up the Gospel values, we are dedicated to transmit them in a way appropriate for the modern world, through integrated academic processes that promote ethical behavior. In the areas where we operate daycares, primary schools, and universities, our goal has been, and will always be, to form citizens committed to development.

As an outgrowth of our incarnational spirituality, the Eudists undertake the task of forming men and women who are highly qualified, ethically oriented, professionally motivated, committed to social responsibility, advocates of justice, creators of human fraternity and leaders in processes of social transformation. All of this, within the dynamic of Christian life, creates a "spirituality of education" flowing from an experience of the living Christ, carried out in diverse cultural scenarios.